iBeacons are essentially ‘GPS for indoors’, which send personalised, micro-location –based notifications and alerts to one’s iPhone. They allow for location-specific targeting of your consumer, such as a highly targeted and relevant coupon for a product based on a fixture they are heading towards in … Continue readingTRENDING


The TESLA SUIT Touch and force feedback, helping define actions and develop reflex TESLASUIT’s full body haptic feedback system is built into the suit and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison. This feedback provides users with sensation … Continue readingTHE TECH


The very first UXP 4IR experiential technology agency in South Africa. #MO provides customer centered solutions for clients needs revolving around technological integration for human usage. Our solutions are built to drive tech engagement with products, services, procedures or learning. This means, we bring to … Continue readingREAL 4IR